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1.Compared with ordinary lamp box paint cloth, advertising comes into play 24 hours a day. It has unique reflectivity and can achieve the same visible effect as the built-in lamp source or external light source by reflecting the light emitted by the passing vehicle without the need for a built-in lamp source or an external light source at night.
2.Second, compared with ordinary reflective materials, it has the ability of spray drawing, tensile strength and stronger reflective intensity. The traditional reflective advertising material is usually the pet back glue advertising grade reflective film. The characteristics of this kind of pet material determine that it can not be sprayed. Generally, the pet advertising grade reflective film is only used for lettering, which greatly limits the use of the reflective material in the advertisement. The appearance of reflective ink jet material solves this problem. The surface layer of reflective ink jet painting material is a kind of high face material which can be painted by ink jet, which has strong ink absorb ability and can be sprayed by ordinary soluble agent ink.
3.The three-reflector ink jet material adds safety to the road. Advertisements using reflective ink jet materials have the same night-time visibility as reflective traffic signs.
4.Using reflective ink jet material as a roadside advertisement section, passing vehicles can clearly see the outline of the road. If a passing pedestrian also shows the outline of a person’s shadow by obscuring the reflected light, This makes it easier for motorists to identify travelers. Reflective ink jet material gives the road higher safety performance. 



1.Advertising spray painting and road traffic safety supplies field.
2.Advertising spray painting market is mainly used in: cross-road bridge billboards, lamppost flag, road post flag, site hoarding advertising, building construction frame advertising.
3.Optimums Prime billboard, light box, advertising stickers, body advertising, tree screen advertising and so on.
4.Road safety products market mainly used in: temporary construction signs, road signs, collision barrels, road cones, body reflective signs and so on. 

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