1. Under the light or sunlight, it can shine brilliantly like a diamond. From different angles, it can produce different reflective effects, various colors, and can press out a variety of lines.
  2. Its main feature is its reflective effect, in the light or sunlight can appear as gorgeous as diamond light.
  3. This material has been creeping up in Europe and the United States, so we make a variety of material changes and design, so that customers can choose the color match according to their own needs. In order to highlight the personality, we also in the original flat grain on the basis of a variety of grain changes, so that customers in the face of this material more creative and design inspiration.
  4. This series of materials have the effect of reflecting light, under the light or the sunlight, can send out like the diamond-like resplendent light, from the different angle the effect will be different, the color is diverse, suits to make the fashionable women shoes, the sandals, the sign, the jewelry and so on.
  5. with sparkling characteristics  
  6. wide range of application, flexible  
  7. can spray
  8. color unlimited can be customized various colors, special colors need more than 2000 meters.



  1. bags, leather, shoes, decorations, mobile phone film, packaging, etc.
  2. Products applicable to: film (mobile phone, computer), gift packaging film, handbag, New year’s pictures, calendar, festive supplies, Christmas gifts, jewelry, La Hua, clothing tag, advertising decoration, luggage, lighting, crafts, window, shower curtain, Wallpaper, signage, architectural decoration and packaging materials for high-end brand products in various industries.


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