Glitter Film is a new environmental friendly materials of using PP material, is a kind of widely used glitter effect products. And Glitter Film is a litter similar with Glitter Power, so its visual effect is very strong, it is sparkling under sunshine. Material Object effect is much better because of shooting light reason, material



1. With shiny properties

2. the flame retardant

3. Scope of application is wide, flexibility is strong

4. Can be used for hot stamping, silk screen, printing, laser, convex,  double printing gold process

5. New design mould is welcome, as well as customized

6. Material is PP



At present, it is widely used in various packing decoration market, like cigarettes and wine, toothpaste box, CD box, cosmetic box, stationery , gift package, decoration lighting , construction materials, adhesive sticker, advertisement decoration, etc. Suitable for offset print,  printing, speciality printing, hot stamping, to form a different light, to make your products much more distinctive.

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