Floor lamination are special calendared lamination produced for floor graphic applications. It can be used over graphics printed on vinyl for protection against moisture and abrasion. It has good dimensional stability, is anti-slip resistance and made with special quality PVC to ensure perfect print clarity.



1.Good dimensional stability,anti-slip resistance

2.Enhancing colors and sharpening images

3.High transparency,high clearance,without any macula

4.PVC softness is very good, could ensure perfect print clarity.

5.Waterproof and elegant, very popular all over the world now

6.Can be cut into other sizes

7.Matt surface prevent reflection efficiently

8.Environmentally friendly, no smell and non-toxic

9.Easy to application on lamination and operation



They can be used in heavy traffic areas such as pavements, car parks, hospitals, schools, trade shows, museums, galleries, etc.

1) Slip and abrasion resistance

2) Laminate on graphics for protection

3) Underground floor, bank floor, entrance of elevator

4) Floor on supermarket to protect image and advertising.

5) Usually do not used for printing. Just for covering.

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