OEM/ODM Manufacturer Reflective Sticker - BASE ON SOLVENT INK – EXJIA

Photo  paper printing is characterized by vivid color, high image definition and long durability.




1. Professional quality control system

2. Waterproof printing surface

3.Super clear and fresh colors printing by printers

4. High stiffness and folding resistance

5. Super long time self life for pictures storage

6. Advanced ink curing technology makes the image more durable

7. High density, instant absorption of ink and faster dry after printing

8. Standard packing and professional exporting services


(Recommend you use dye ink

Water resistant  and instant dry

bright snow white

Creating vibrant images on paper 

Printed photo can be kept over 80 years

Indoor use

Abosolutely flat and somooth

100% ensure the gram weight varity 5%

Economic inkjet media)



Can be used for printing artistic photos,scenery pictures,personal pictures,Wedding photography albums, artistic pictures, family photo albums, portraiture, commercial advertising production and brochure design, etc.

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