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Crossing film: Protect the surface of picture; waterproof; keep from dirty, and suit for vehicle advertising, home decoration, electronic products decoration.



PVC cold lamination film is laminated on advertising material for the protection of picture.Such a-s against moisture, air borne, pollutants and scratched dirty.



1. Clear pvc film,clear glue,and great adhesion.

2. Could provide both of image protection and attractive visual effects.

3. Waterproof, keep from moisture, air borne, pollutants and scratched dirty.

4. Good glossy and matte appearance

5. Not easy to shrink

6. Prevents ultraviolet erosion, fading, yellowing.

7. Could be used in outdoor,long durable timer,and easy operation

8. Could be cut into other sizes

9. PVC softness is very good, easy to application on lamination




a. Suit for vehicle advertising,

b. home decoration,

c. electronic products decoration,

d. the surface of picture,

e. the top of SAV, PP, , Photo album and so on for protection or decoration.


Widely used in protecting photos, wedding albums, banner, posters, documents,oil production, calligraphy and painting, file materials and more - anti-corrosive etc.

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