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1.Ink-jet paper for thermal sublimation transfer printing, the substrate has no adhesive film on the surface, so the handle and visual effects of the pattern are far better than the method of adding the transfer paper with ordinary ink, which is colourful, unfading, and does not crack.
2.The advantages of air permeability make the world of heat transfer products popular today.


Must use thermal sublimation transfer printing ink, this kind of ink made of disperse dye, will produce sublimation and dyeing with substrate at transfer printing temperature, good quality thermal sublimation ink should not plug spray head, color lifelike, good stability. The pattern is printed on a sticky (or rougher) side. When the pattern is printed, be sure to wait for the pattern to dry and then transfer to print (dry with a scalding machine, or blow dry with a hairdryer. It takes a long time to dry naturally).



Suitable for white or light colored fabrics containing less than 40% cotton, such as clothing, t-shirt, culture shirt, underwear, children’s wear, headscarf, handbag, kite, hat transfer Widely used in daily necessities (glasses cloth, glasses bag,), household textiles (curtains, window screens, pillow, cushion, tablecloth, shower curtain and sleeping bags, bedding, etc.), outdoor leisure goods (umbrellas, bags, gloves, sunshade, etc.), Tent) etc. Transfer of printing business. 

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