Rapid Delivery for Indoor Flex Banner - BUS VINYL – EXJIA

Self adhesive vinyl is widely used to advertisement and decoration. High quality PVC white film ensures good performance of anti-extension and ink absorbing and makes the printing image bright and vivid; By adopting advanced import glue,some problems will not be accompany with Precede products,such as glue overflowing, glue remaining.



1. Easier for operation and application,

2. Good extension and size stability

3. Low residue in short term

4. Waterproof and anti-uv.

5. used for eco-solvent or solvent printer

6. More PVC and low calcium powder make the film stretchability be better and easily absorbed ink.

7. 100% original wood pulp, made paper surface more smooth and strong,

 to make whole products not curling, easy to printing.

8. Imported glue, viscosity is good, will not fall off or leave any remains,

good weather resistance。



1) large format digital printing for outdoor graphic signs, such as displays and advertising materials; 

2) temporary promotional and point of sale advertising. 

3) Wrap decoration of buildings or glass walls,car, bus, metro, bike

4) Vehicle graphics, window/glass wall graphics;

5) Ideal for large format outdoor billboards. 

6)Temporary promotional and point of sale advertising and all applications to flat or regular glass surfaces

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