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1, light weight,good tenacity, high rigidity  2, fireproof and flame retardant
3, good insulation  4, no sopping, no deformation
5, easily to processed 6, good plasticity, being an excellent there  form material
7, sub-light surface and elegant vision 8, anti-chemical corrosion
9, suitable to silk screen printing
10, with imported dyes, unfading and anti-aging 



1, plastic coating, membrane-struck and printing
2, with the usual equipment and tools, it can be processed again.
3, welding and bonding
4, cutting and sawing
5, bending when heated-up, thermal forming
6, hole-drilling, Channeling and die cutting
7, nail, wrest and rivet  Waterproofing.  Fire retardant and self-extinguishing. 
8.Heat preservation. Sound-insulated. Insulation. 
9. Non-corrosion. Non-toxic. Tough, rigid with the high impact strength. 
10.Stable color retention.  Damp proof.
11. Anti – deformed


1) Lightweight, good tenacity, high rigidity

2) Fireproof and flame retardant

3) Good insulation

4) No sopping, no deformation

5) Easy to process

6) Good plasticity, is an excellent there form material

7) Sub-light surfaced elegant vision

8) Anti-chemical corrosion

9) Suitable for silkscreen printing

10) With imported dyes, unfading and anti-aging



1. Building outdoor wall board, indoor decoration board, partition board in office and house. 
2. Screen printing, flat solvent printing, engraving, billboard and exhibition display. 
3. Chemical anti corrosion project, special cold project, environmental protection

4.  Sanitarywares, kitchen cabinet, washroom cabinet. 

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