VP-PP paper meets the requirements of modern environmental protection rule.



1.The characteristics of ordinary paper.
2.Better whiteness, gloss, light resistance,dimensional stability.
3.High strength.
4.Resistance to moisture, corrosion.
5.Resistance to insects, folding and other characteristics.
6.More extensive uses than ordinary paper.



1.Printing: Used for advanced color printing, high-grade books printing, military and civilian maps, charts, pictorial, calendars, greeting cards, menu cards, advertising, waterproof notebooks, business cards, playing cards and so on.
2.Packaging: Such as handbags, gift bags, food bags, clothing bags, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food packaging, industrial packaging, tire packaging, express envelopes, medical photo bags, various packaging boxes.
3.Special uses: Such as Money paper, colored paper base, CAD tracing paper, industrial computer and instrument recording paper, watch tray, paper fan, umbrella, travel paper cap and other tourism promotional products.
4.Use as the Advertising Material basing on inkjet painting, coating fabric outside.
5.Use as wallpaper.

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