Product Features

1. With shiny properties.

2. The flame retardant.

3. Scope of application is wide, flexibility is strong.

4. Eco-friendly, self-adhesive, convenient and time-saving.

5.Good adhesive temperature resistance: the highest temperature and the lowest temperature are 120℃ and 20℃ respectively
6.The technology of wall paper now can pass printing and embossing and foaming to make level, will make a series of adornment effect such as copy brocade and lumber, give a person a kind of immersive sense.

7.The paper basically has certain sound absorption effect, the wallpaper effect that ply achieves is better, wallpaper still can heat insulation and mould proof, additional wallpaper also can prevent bacterium, still can prevent bug eat by moth,

8.Wallpaper has very good resistance to scrub performance, we can use clear water to clean even scrub directly, and do not need any protection, this is one aspect that wallpaper is convenient.

9.It is a kind of cellophane, basically be to look very beautiful, and very explain, what do not have too big pollution, won’t produce harm to human body!



1.Eco-solvent ink、UV ink for environmental protection
2.Beautiful design , elegant shape,  Easy to clean and maintain 
3.Non-toxic, colorfast, washable, scratchable, durable and mould proof, moisture-proof,

4. Smoke Proof, Sound Absorbing, Heat Insulation, Anti-Static

5. Pre-production machines testing to finished goods as well as quality testing machine checking,

6. Attractive price, good Quality, excellent Service and timely Delivery,

7. Fine texture delivers high quality images, Vibrant color after digital printing process

8. With environment protection coating which can quick dry after printing and have perfect
printing effect.



Excellent for use at home for things such as decorating children’s rooms, wallpaper borders, changeable wall accents and more. In commercial environments, they are popular for lobby and waiting areas, locker rooms, elevators, and escalator graphics in shopping centers, and more  

Home interior decoration background wallpaper (cloth), tooling mural, oil painting, large-scale mural customization, to meet the needs of personalized decoration, suitable for outdoor painting mechanism, etc.

* Digital image processing
* advertisement printing
* Simulation painting creating
* Photographic studio using
* It can be used for decoration in private rooms, offices, hotels, markets, advertising display etc.

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