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Coated mesh: Best one side printable, good ink drying speed of coated mesh.

PVC Coated Mesh Banner with Liner is a light weight but tightly woven scrim. The product has a PVC liner in the reverse side to be detached after printing. The special solvent ink jet media, with its open structure allows great wind flow from outdoor advertisement. It is widely used in big supermarket



1. Perfect printing impression with stable ink absorption and faster drying ability.

2. Good light transmission and water-proof.
3.Excellently compatible with various Solvent based digital printers

4. Easy washing with preventing dirty and dust.
5. Heat sealed seams available

6.High tensile strength, tearing strength, anti-UV

7.Width ranges from 1.02m to 5.10m

8. weather-resistance, could resist against 12 grade typhoon, fire retardant,Could passed B1, M2. 

9. Easy transportation, handling and installation.



1. Large format digital printing, such as billboard printing, Over-sized indoor / outdoor hanging banners, front-lit and backlit banners, 

2. Light box cloth as well as screen printing.
3. Used for making mosquito nets,children clothes,curtains,ect 

4. Used for production of non-ferrous metals 

5.Packing material, the rainproof and awning.

6. Mattress industries  

7. Building murals and in-store displays, wraps and scaffolding cover

8. Used together with a resin in a structure reinforcement

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