Wholesale Price Printing Mesh - LAMINATED PVC TARPAULIN – EXJIA


1. High Tenacity, tear strength and adhesion strength.

2. Surface and backside with same color.
3. Can been wind or hot melt, Good peeling strength for hot-air and high-frequence welding.
4. ANTI-wick, Self-clean ;
5. Hot and cold of wheather Resistance;

6. Flame with NFPA701,B1,B2,DIN75200

6. It can reach to EN71-3 and REACH stand.

7. Surface can been lacqured Acrylic.PVDF,SIO2;
8. Max seamless width up to 5.10m(201’’)
9. we can make any color according to RAL,PANTON;


Product Application:

1. Awning,Truck covers.Top roof materials.
2. Side curtain.cover material;
3. Army ten.carriage tent and house building;
4. Construction structure, inflatable products and building roof
5. Rain and sunshine shelter.playground and even tent;

6.Noise reduction cover

7. Swimming poor cover

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